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Day & Night Safari Activities

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Adventure Vacations

Mustang Monument promises one of the greatest adventure vacations of a lifetime. We offer a wide range of outdoor activities that will whet your adventuring appetite and get your boots dirty. The complete luxury travel experience is all about giving you plenty of amenities and relaxation without taking away your thirst for adventure. And outdoor adventure travels endless at Mustang Monument, where activity options include:

Adventure Activities:

Horse-Back Riding Excursions

Wild Mustang Safari Adventures

Guided Hikes through the Desert

Guided Historic Walking Tours

GPS Tracking (Military Inspired) Hikes

Roping Lessons


Repelling/Rock Climbing

Range Shooting Lessons

Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides

In-Tipi Spa Treatments **

Tom-Car/Maverick Off-Roading Excursions

Overnight Goshute Mountain Camping Adventure

View Horses Being Fed at sunrise

Authentic Native American Beading and Moccasin classes

Kids Club/ Little Mustangs (During Kids Week Sessions)

Paintball Target Practice

All activities are customized to meet guest’s needs and are included in the price of your nightly stay.


Mustang Monument Sample Itinerary

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Mustang Monument: The New Frontier from Madeleine Pickens on Vimeo.