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Wild West Vacation Experiences

“We cannot say THANK YOU enough for making our visit SPECTACULAR!!! Everything was just PERFECT! The ranch staff are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! Professional; Organized; No request was any trouble and the accommodations were beyond expectation. We appreciate Madeleine’s efforts in saving these BEAUTIFUL animals and for allowing us the opportunity to experience them. We had an absolute BLAST and can’t wait to return!!!!”

-Andrea and Joe DiGirolamo (Florida)


“Mustang Monument is truly a gem tucked away in the gorgeous landscape of the Nevada mountainside.  The luxury decor and accommodations,  the gracious hostess, the decadent food, the wild west style fun activities, and the glorious scenery are unparalleled in ultimate vacationing, but the real stars that steal the show are the unbridled, untamed, and unmatched wild mustangs on the ranch.  Nothing comes close to seeing the beauty of these horses while they roam free on this vast land as they are supposed to do and where they are meant to be.  This place is a life-changing experience!”

-Jana Mashonee (North Carolina)


“Enjoying a truly amazing stay at Mustang Monument, Nevada, after winning the Wanderlust Abercrombie & Kent competition. Horse rides through the mountains, campfires, sleeping in a five-star tipi- magical!” 

-Dan & Theresa Whitehead (England)


“Our group visit to the Mustang Monument was the highlight of our 5 day Visit Your Nevada tour. The experience was like no others, staff was friendly and welcoming. Strongly recommend to be added to any itineraries for Northern Nevada.”

-Anne McCall, Tours of Distinction (Nevada)


“We had such fun!! We talk about it often and look forward to bringing more friends for even more fun! Thanks for all your good work.”

-Becky Witter (California)


“My visit to Mustang Monument was the trip of a lifetime, a transformative experience. The beauty of the ranch, the stunning creations of Madeleine Pickens and seeing wild mustangs roam free were truly amazing. Getting to spend time with Madeleine and learning about her work was also extraordinary. Participating in the feeding of the mustangs was a highlight. We rode on the hay wagon from which hay was delivered to the mustangs in the valley close to the ranch. We could get fairly near the horses and look into the eyes of some. Learning about them, watching them and knowing that they would remain free brought intense joy. I also felt intense sorrow thinking about what happened to so many others.

The horses we rode were previously wild mustangs who had been trained. They all had the sinister BLM brand on their necks. I rode an older paint mare – she was sweet and gentle with large, soulful eyes. The thought of her being rounded up by helicopter just killed me.
The first day we rode to a lookout near the top of the mountain. We had a picnic there with a view of exquisite beauty.

For me, the horses and the ride were enough. But we also explored the ranch on ATVs, took target practice, enjoyed delicious food and wine, saw authentic Indian dances and learned about some Indian customs. We got a taste of the West, of what it was like back in the old days. We enjoyed our time with other visitors and also with the fabulous staff. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with the staff – each person was so interesting, with a broad spectrum of knowledge.

Meeting Madeleine Pickens and spending time with her was another highlight of the trip. Madeleine is such a gracious host and an extraordinary person. For many years she has helped animals and has been an advocate for horses. She has worked to end the slaughter of all horses and to save the wild mustangs. The work that she did and the obstacles she had to overcome to create her refuge and eco resort are astounding. Among other things, she testified before Congress, formed alliances with Indian Chiefs of various tribes, formed alliances with neighboring ranchers when possible and developed relationships with supporters. I greatly admire Madeleine and all that she has accomplished. After visiting Mustang Monument, I hope that I, too, can find a way to contribute to saving these magnificent wild mustangs.”

-Lin Coonan (California)