Mustang Monument

Mustang Monument is a sustainable resort and preserve for wild horses. Surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, the resort encompasses over 900 square miles just south of Wells, Nevada, and provides guests with an unforgettable safari adventure.

Luxury guest ranches and the Wild West combine, as adventurers travel across the property and up the mountain to experience nature at its finest. Guests will be awestruck by the beauty of the wild Mustangs during overnight stays in their own luxury tipis.

We encourage you to indulge in the all-inclusive amenities and top-quality service that Mustang Monument has to offer. Your experience includes outdoor adventures, daytime activities, tales of our American heritage and the Wild West, high-end service, luxury amenities, and the opportunity to connect with nature. All guests leave fulfilled, knowing that their stay at Mustang Monument, one of the finest luxury eco-resorts in the country, directly contributed to the preservation of the wild Mustang.


Madeleine Pickens | Founder and CEO

Madeleine & Tommy

Monty Heath | Director of Operations

Director of Operations

Clay Nannini | Number 1 Cowboy


Introducing Mustang Monument – Summer 2014 from Madeleine Pickens on Vimeo.